You better start hoping

Hoping for a sunshiny day, hoping for a pot of gold, hoping you can win the fight. You better start hoping.

I’ve heard this growing up. They said it to me as if I was able to lose all hope.

Until one day I did.

That day was the day I found out how easy it is to give up hope in situations most of us would find too dark to cope with.

From darkness to light.

There is often hope for those who are the survivors, our glorious dead whose hope was fully taken, and those of us who teach others how to obtain a better state of mind.

From the madness entails either a genius or something more like lunacy. Madness is part of hope.

If we wiped hope of the face of the planet, nobody would be great anymore but we’d still have wants and needs, just zero hope.

Hopelessness is known as the number one cause for depression and is also an illness that is linked to suffering physically and mentally.

Whatever it is, you can be sure when someone says you better start hoping it’s either your mom or trouble ahead.

Origin of ‘You better start hoping ‘

  • Mothers – many mothers say you better start hoping to their children. It means business to a mother the hope their children have.
  • Historical society – historically you better start hoping could be said in the most sinister if situations.
  • Modern society – nowadays it’s usually a more neutral threat than sinister.
  • Urban dictionary language – there are many variations for explaining this on urban dictionary.

How to start hoping

When someone says you better start hoping you’ve activated a state of alarm within them unless they’re joking.

Obtaining hope is that of a sound mind and hoping for a future. You can’t let go of all hope.

Feeling good about yourself and keeping busy while at peace will inevitably restore your hope.

In the articles linked they are concerning learning ideas for restoring calm and virtues to be on track.

If you can’t say it back

If someone says this to you and you can’t say it back you are less virtuous than they are.

With virtue they are more advanced than you in their virtuous choice of words.

If you can’t say it back then you better start hoping.

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