Would you let God intervene if he did?

An ethical article,

To explain beyond reason why or why you wouldn’t let God intervene.

What the heck heckler of the world? The most interesting topics sometimes come from God and philosophy and psychology and ethics. The ethical article within me takes the supreme being into question about the reality of intervening and seeing what happens. Like in the Good Place TV program where an actor Micheal designs an after-life for an acting team, by being an architect and placing himself among them. Could it make earth a good place? Can you get rid of badness? The TV show is something you should watch if you want to learn the picture behind the idea I am blogging about today.

Letting God intervene is something we first have to blend the obvious with the more critical details. 

  • What would he do if he intervened, would humanity rebel against it?
  • If he intervened would it become all good and would there be any bad?

Think of some logical approaches too, “why not?”. Some might say, but let’s list the for and against and show you the ethical data we have on what might make it all good or all evil, and if God is the requirement or not.

Before even researching the everything and anything of the ethical dilemma, there is if humans would rebel against God or let him intervene. We would have to play the laws of physics for psychic input such as dreams, visions etc as explained by God in his religions. 

Here is the for and against from research that we would need to vote for it or something. Whatever it is between humanity and God he has said that there will be visions and dreams. Without taking the religious responses into mind, let’s delve into a bit of research and the non-religious arguments for letting God intervene or not?

Let’s break-down the For and against arguments. Add your own? (add as necessary), add as necessary using my contact form.

  1. Well being

Some might say we need to be fit and healthy. What does God think. Do you think we should inherit the Kingdom of God whether it’s all good or all evil? Our philosophical, psychological, and physical ethics come into question. Would you still let God intervene even thought there has been so many physical, psychological and philosophical questions about our health, wellbeing and fitness.

We would argue the for and against for both health and fitness. Maybe some people like feeling sick or ill, we never know if the for and against – when it’s for – we need to face the reality that some people must therefore like being sick, unfit and unhealthy. 

  1. Happiness and Satisfaction

Are you happy and satisfied? With gaping questions if God even exists except from speculative experiences of some people. We need to reiterate that people either love depression, or they have found satisfaction in a non-happiness dilemma. If we don’t like being unhappy and unsatisfied then would it be ok to let God intervene and either make it worse or better. We are kinda covering the opposite in the wrong part of my blog but it’s ok to reveal something that’s against the idea we like to be unhappy.

  1. Ethics

What are the majority of ethics expecting in the future, what data suggests that we should take an ethical approach to letting God intervene. As interesting as it is to think of this idea, we need to also see the superficial side of life that we didn’t choose to be created but have an ethical approach to life that is unique in every being. As the supreme being surely you should have made it all good and what way are we going to react whenever you intervene, causing our unique internal ethics to be crucially acceptable for an intervention. Would it actually be crucial or detrimental to our lives?

  1. Religion and Education

We aren’t focusing on religious reasons or educational reasons. As we base our argument on the fact of having zero knowledge about life. Then religion and education are not the basis for our argument bur rather assuming no knowledge. Alternatively we can think that we are going to assume knowledge is involved then it would also include religious questions. And thus including the religious equation.

  1. Quality of life

If there was an intervention that wasn’t rebelled against and happened, would it be about quality of life or having god in your life. Whatever way we look at it, nobody can prove God’s existence it’s up to us to decide if we believe or not, or those that have had experiences. We can think about the cleverly disguised quality of life that is subjected to questionable ethical expected quality of life.

Conclusion and Wrapping Up

Covering just six add your own? ethical questions about letting God intervene, from our wellbeing to our quality of life, we have designated the tough topic of God and an intervention. Nobody knows what would happen, would we have to vote? The conclusion first seeks belief in God and that he can intervene and whether or not you are for or against him intervening. We assume no knowledge as in our theory behind this intervention, we might prefer no intervention or an intervention that could make things better or worse or somewhere in between.

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