Web Design, SEO and Copywriting Service

If you would like to hire a web designer and copywriter then look no further than the page you’re on now.

I am a talented web designer and copywriter who uses the WordPress platform. (New clients will be recommended WordPress platform).

I enable you to self manage your web design and copywriting by creating your website on WordPress (I do regular daily backups in case of any error).

Contact me here.

Hiring me for digital projects is like butter to bread. I communicate your business message effectively. So effectively your clients stay motivated to work with your business.


(Everyone who contacts me is entered into a draw to win a free website each 15th of the month live on Tik Tok).

Web Design Starting at £200* ($/ € conversion available) per contract. Including blog for updates and blogging

I am a jack of all trades when it comes to web design and look no further than having your very own genius building your website for you.

As you can see the website you’re on is very professional and serves its purpose for my blogging and client getting fabulousness.

This isn’t a sales pitch!

It is a design ingrained upon all theoretical desginers, everyone who gets a website from me will have a website that serves their purpose, my website is mainly for blogging but if a client comes here and hires me, I’m in – nearly every time.

* There are monthly fees for hosting and domain management of £4.99 to £9.99 depending on location of hosting and domain. If you choose UK it is £9.99 and if you choose USA it is £4.99. Other countries are not supported except UK and USA for hosting locations, some country domains are not included as an option. Conversion to other currencies available on a daily rate basis. Real time rate not available.

Built on the WordPress platform so you can self-manage

Self managing your website has became detrimetnal to your success. People who regularly blog/reblog content get a much better representation of self/brand and get a whole lot more visitors.

If Google comes and visits your site and finds it’s a dead end, sometimes Google can penalise you. Therefore self managed blogs do a lot better than ones that are not managed at all.

Outsourcing self management can be costly. Further down the page you’ll find it is £25ph for outsourcing the management of your website to me.

I charge £25ph for all my services (including whole projects) except for web design, it is £149 for a five page website. Any project bigger than a 5 page website is charged at £25 per hour.

Includes training for the WordPress platform

Each web design package comes with training for the WordPress platform, this is a video introduction to the backend that I created as a video.

With simple and clear instructions on how to manage your blog/website. Further consultation is charged at £ 25ph (convert £25 GBP to your currency). WordPress consultation fees are much higher than that elsewhere. I will consult you one-to-one via Skype. My Skype is moneyisthetool.

Ammendments and Further Work at £25ph

If you accidnetally break your website or need any professional work done it is charged at £25 ph and is one hour mimimum workload.

My services are 15+ year’s experience in Internet and digital marketing. Your priority is to keep the visitors coming to your website and my priority is to provide you with top quality services therefore I charge £25 ph to keep my clientele happy and they do know they aren’t paying for more than they need.

No portfolio? That’s because I keep my client data sensitive

I don’t do portfolios, every client is unqiue and their privacy is my priority.

Wouldn’t want to share a protfolio as every client is unique and deserves a tailored service to their needs. I am 15 years+ experience in this industry of SEO copywriting and Web Design, all my clients have had been satisfied* with my work as it always serves them well.

There has never been a client that doesn’t get what they want from their website.

* Results aren’t typical as industry dependent results can be typical, all results aren’t typical. I can’t take your insurance company to number one but I can fulfill the SEO and Design side of things. So then you can avail of further services to rank number one or gain more traffic.

Still not ready? Contact me anyway

There is no rush with my service, everything is handled over a period of time suitable for you. Click here to contact me.

My portfolio of current projects and your call to contact me and avail of my services.

Hello my name is Mark www.markrafferty.com and www.easiery.com

if you received this email. Please be aware, I personally sent it to you because I checked your website.

I have checked your website for vital components and I so dearly regret to admit your website could do a whole lot better.

With over 15 year’s of experience with websites, especially small business for the beginning of my career. Your website is leaking vital tactics from the hems.

I add flavour to all web design projects by tantalising ways that are sure to bring in consumers looking for your products and services.

With expertise in development, design, technical and content, I also am an expert at off site optimisation. I have high ranking profiles in Google for off site optimisation and do not partake in any paid link building.

You could have a very successful website if you could contact me to talk about it at www.markrafferty.com/contact I will be more than obliged to give you 15 minutes of my time to discuss your needs.

Your website is definitely lacking effort to keep it as a sustainable and profitable part of your business.

We also develop whole digital businesses from scratch and flip them for profit. We aren’t seeking to flip out business but help it grow.

Book an appointment http://markrafferty.com/calendar

Contact us today to discuss any projects you have in mind. On your website.


Kind regards, Mark Rafferty.

Consultation costs

I work in 10 hour segments and add to your product or service by providing you with £25 worth of services per hour.

Initial consultation is a ten hour process so the minimum contract is £25 per hour.

Book an initial consultation of 15 minutes for free. Book as many as you need before you’re ready to hop on board and pay for products and services from my store.

Such as the introduction package of £250 worth of products and services for £200. Further services charged at £25 per hour for access to a global team of writers and digital marketing wizards including myself as the project coordinator.

Project coordination and satisfaction guaranteed

Digital marketing is useful if you are ready to start any digital marketing campaign or if you’re not ready, go to my calendar in the menu at the bottom of the page.

Create a digital presence with graphics, logos etc included in the cost to access a global team coordinated by me for £25 per hour.

Some products and services not included we can discuss that when you book an appointment below.

Thank for all your support by being in contact with me and hiring me by buying my products and services.

Hope to see you soon.