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The disgusting behaviour of NHS staff and mI5 ignored at Gordon’s hospital London, and other NHS hell holes.

The disgusting behaviour of NHS staff and mI5 ignored at Gordon’s hospital London, and other NHS hell holes.

by markeyDecember 10, 2019

So what hospital will be your hell hole? Charing cross? Gordon’s? Park royal? St. Charles? St. helier?

The hell hole psychiatry business in London.

All over London the NHS trust foundation are running psychiatry hell holes whet nurses attack and hurt you. Where you are reprimanded for being happy and where they medicate blind men and men who only see the lord above. Hurt nobody said Buddha.

The nurses in these hospitals attacked me three or more times. Full on 7 men on one. And today is no different day. It mustn’t be that they have medications for blind men and are creating their hell holes somehow for some reason all over London.

I mentioned;

St. Helier.
Charing cross hospital
The Gordon’s
St. Charles

The Gordon’s is where they fear mi5 so I think we can clear mi5 of any wrong doing because at the Gordons they fear to physically abuse you and something is different about here, we are right around the corner from MI5. I clear the name of mi5 because who else is supposed to sort this mess out.

NHS hell holes explained by Mark Rafferty

I’ve seen them throw blind men to the ground and refused innocent bystanders cigarettes and leave on the grounds there is no warrant for your leaving. Psychiatry is foolish and it needs to end being evil to innocent NHS patients. I can name all the nurses who attacked me, full on battering me, bludgeoned by NHS staff on numerous occasions. It must be stopped these hell holes and the nurses behind running them. Calling it a job to hurt innocent people with a cigarette break denied to do the other job on the computer. Everyone knows NYS are patient first. Patients bludgeoned first is the rules in these London hell holes I’ve mentioned above.

So who are we gonna call to save us?

There’s the lord, the buddha, the sheikh god’s plus much more. What about a human super hero to shit down the evil hell holes where your wife, your son, your brother will be bludgeoned by doctors and nurses. Yes, they are bludgeoned patients at these London hell holes. Nobody cares because they don’t have the power to care. It takes money to care in this environment. Something these hell holes are experienced at keeping you poor as if you don’t notice what they’re doing. So ‘what if’ someone is hurting (we lost a little guy to suicide this week), I’m hurting more and so are all the bludgeoned patients, by the NHS? Florence would have a heart attack. Wait ten minutes, the computer is too important for us to go for a smoke.

Whoever is at the center of these hell holes their going unnoticed taking years of people’s lives who didn’t need to be held up and beat by nurses and doctors. Half the patients don’t know, the other half have been bludgeoned. When will it stop? I hope soon, it’s my tribunal tomorrow, they keep me from my family at Christmas time? Bludgeoned again.

Somebody has to stop the NHS getting away with blue murder while the newspaper cries wolf. We all know that. They’re lying to 7s in levels like NHS beating to death patient’s and sending patients to their suicidal end. Bludgeoned.

Who will cry for us? The NHS and it’s shiny gold stars ignoring patients being bludgeoned to bits by nurses at London’s hell hole hospitals. It’s happening and it needs to stop now. I’m crying for your help to beat this organisation doing this to us. Right now a patient is being beaten by nurses at London’s hell hole hospitals, will you help us now? Before more commit suicide than the feckers have already sent there? I’m not going there I’m fighting back and we need help. They are medicating religious, zealots, happiness and dis-knowledged so they can abuse them and get away with it. Don’t let your son, your daughter, your sister, your brother, your mother end up at these hell holes in London. Who’s the organisation behind the behaviour of NHS nurses?

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