Putin – The King’s Head Defiant of History’s methods for averting war. He already demolished Allepo, now he’s on for head on a plate?

Ancients used to reset debts and alleviate poverty to solve the problem of war. They would often try to come together to avoid all out conflict. Putin showed none of these efforts as such failing to even lead as well as ancient civilization. They would see it as a time to come together and collaborate before choosing war. Putin is a despot not a leader.

Putin didn’t even do anything that resembles what they would have done. If there was no agreement they would loot kingdoms and severely cripple their armies, not bomb civilians.

Putin had the whole world to set an example to and he started a bloody war instead. A war that he can’t win because it’s turned on his head.

In a world full of skilled veterans Putin is another one that pulled the plug on a war to end all wars. He’s a savage beast in comparison to zelensky, and to many nations shame on everyone who has involved themselves with forgetting how eloquently history used to resolve war and how all war heroes, one way or another want to end all war whether they use war to do it or not. Nobody has analysed Putin’s term as a leader, did his country people thrive, would he even be worthy accepting command from? It’s actually not as if Ukraine were any sort of an immediate threat.

Putin is not a leader and by the example set by most of the world – they are not leaders, they drag us through hell and try to get us back out again. Currently Putin would be a shame to an historic world that he didn’t yield any useful strategic plan for avoiding any war. He also had already wiped out Allepo and for that, now his situation involves his expenditure of his 500,000 strong army. He’s that much of a fool he has lost so many men trying to grab land and kill anyone who doesn’t agree, all the while he blew it to pieces like he did in Allepo. If anyone knew how much trouble Putin is in from this they would actually address what he did in Allepo too and remember how clear he is about giving death and destruction to people, his battlefield strewn with the innocent civilians blood. As himself not such a holy man, conquering a holy Allepo should have been too far, everyone should want to keep holy land free from such despots killing everyone.

According to my knowledge without any research allepo contains some of the historical oldest civilization known to us. Putin you’re an absolute disgrace to the KGB and the people of Russia fighting for a better future. To go and completely annihilate an enemy without refering to our historic successes in making other plans for war – like homes for your poorest communities Putin.


They also would loot kingdoms causing destruction. But Putin as a leader I give you -1.

The best leaders in the world always come from where kings and queens have reigned. The UK having the best system in the world that needed someone like Putin to call for a plan of action like they did historically, delivered by horseback then though.

Putin has crippled himself and currently can barely even walk, you can tell a sorely defeated Putin (after he pummels through his entire army to defeat the purpose of leadership) is now suffering physical illness from his acts. Yet he forgot that if was modelling history they did their best to avert war and too many fought the great war hoping for an end to war.

The great war tried histories methods of having a plan signed sealed and delivered. They would pay soldiers to use their talents and skills, and even reset debts between kingdoms especially if war was brewing. Of course it didn’t always work but Putin calls himself a leader and he can’t even process how much trouble he has caused for the whole world.

The Allepo situation is now in Ukraine and is gaining traction because there is no language barriers and as many political barriers as Aleppo.

Putin has mocked the whole world, slowly losing grip on life because of his age he demands men a third his age go out and fight a heavily armed army.

He’s losing a lot of his 500,000 strong army and it’s not enough because he’s deep in trouble for he is the king and military strategy always will eventually go for the kings head – his opposers probably opting for that.

As he went for zelensky head and failed he would achieve a lot less than what Ukraine will achieve if they were to conquer and slay Putin like they do at war – examples being when they got Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Gadaffi. Historically if it came to war, it did but unlike Putin’s effort there would be real leadership making demands in aversion of war.

History would have had real leaders that knew how to turn a war into an advantage for humanity but by averting it as when it wasn’t averted it was considered a loss. Putin isn’t considering his loss and that he is or has become the king’s head. On his head be it, his horrendous effort at leadership. At war there is the king’s head whether it be on his head or not. Many wars play to the same tune.

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