My proposed Ted talk

The gods and their whale.

The gods trapped us in the whales mouth.

You have to know they trap us in their whales mouth, yes, the governments.

Poor people have been trapped for centuries, they even made their plants illegal. Imagine that? Gods plants made illegal by god.

The rich are gods robots. They keep the poor trapped by their rich robots.

All they ever want is for human hands yo torture the poor.

Right now all the rich do is make the rich richer and the poor more poor.

The gods know they robot the rich against the poor. They even have angels to possess the poor.

I should know.

I was a victim of a peace speech that I couldn’t do because of religion.

The gods wrote in all religions that the world should end.

But that shouldn’t happen, they should rot for making the rich into their robots.

Trapping poor people all over the world in their sick game against the poor.

Have you know. I was inside a presidents house and god set his angels against me.

He created angels to posses people and he commands them to force the rich into leaving people poor.

Since being at the presidents house I found myself sacked from every job because I drew attention to myself.

Many people tried to kill me, I was left with no friends or family. Being at the presidents house, god knew I was there.

I’m a charitable bloke, I always share, but god made sure the rich don’t share with the poot. Its a triangle of power.

Rich people don’t even give their children money, they keep it for getting them married.

Poor people can’t even afford a wedding, they want to get married buy because of the rich whales mouth starting wars poor people get ignored.

All the gods robot the rich to bully poot people. Poor people are debt slaves, god made sure that was true, he has been using the rich as robots for centuries. Handing out nothing to the poor.

He never robots the rich to give the poor their share. He also has freemasons that never let poor people be rich.

God ensured poor people stay poor. He completely robots the rich to serve only the rich.

Not only that, there is more than one god that does it. Every country has their own god.

He lied about Jonah, every poor person is Jonah trapped in the whales mouth.

I know all about it, god robots the rulers of the world to make sure poor people stay trapped in the whales mouth. All he ever does is pay for war and suffering.

Every poor person is suffering at the hands of his evil robots. He knows he is evil and he always will be.

It’d pathetic to say god is good when there are more poor people than there is rich.

There are people eating out of the bin and its all because of gods robots, the leaders of the world.

Everyone should be rich, but no god would rather let you rot and eat from the bin.

God has used the rich to keep people poor since he invented the government.

There are more poor people than there is rich. All the world leaders are gods robots to ensure everyone stays poor.

Jonah and the whale until the end of the earth. That’s what it will be. He only ever did care about his rich robots, millions eating from the bin.

When will he ever end the whales mouth?

Nobody knows but for sure I’d find god very evil for people still to be eating out of bins while the rich people spend all the money on war and famine.

Every poor person is trapped in the whales mouth. I was in a presidents house as a poor person and I ended up eating out of the bin 10 years later.

Nowadays he’s using the rich people to try and end the world rather than give everyone a double salary and a satisfactory base salary without working.

Being in a presidents house to eating out of a bin is a horrific experience that is evidence they are inhuman robots of God.

If only he would robot the rich people to give everyone enough to have a happy life. Instead he’s too busy robot them to force poor people to eat from the bin.

I was supposed to do a speech for the Queen of England but I couldn’t even do it because god made me fall asleep so I never got to read it.

The rich ate gods bees, robots of destruction. They spend billions on wat as gods mouth, he never got Jonah out of the whales mouth. He’s too busy with rich robots for war than he was interested the Queen leaving people eating out of the bin.

People tried to kill me for attempting to do the speech for the Queen. I was shot in the chest by the IRA when I was in London. Luckily I was wearing a world war 1 jacket provided to me by Christians who are also gods robots.

There are billions of poor people eating out of the bin. The rich his robots and every poor person just another Jonah.

When will the whale give the whole world their fare share of the pie?

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