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Is suicide the only answer?

Is suicide the only answer?

by markeyNovember 24, 2019

Well I’ve said if I’d done something bad it’s my only option but other than that I’ve discovered other people can leave it as the only option.

Same way I feel as am entrepreneur nobody will invest in.

As a child I watched James bond movies and admired someone sticking up for someone because of the nationality or race or beliefs. It’s not the murder part I was interested in but the part where your country supports you when you’re in trouble.

In fact all our childhood motives were happily ever after fairytales including kings and queens. That they were saviours as James bond is in a relationship with the queen for country duty. We grow up believing if we are under problem for out nationality or anything that there’s a super hero world here for us. There isn’t..

What we are taught growing up isn’t true and then how do you decide not to succeed at suicidal ideation because of the teachings as children aren’t true. There are , really isn’t any super heroes to save you when you’re on trouble.

James bond is an actual organisation that’s just atound the corner from me. They know I’m suicidal because my weaknesses and nationality were under attack. Yet there is no super hero action from them when I’m on my last legs and k stood tall and foughy way through droves of British enemies threatening their taint and falsifying their intention for being there in my presence as just random but more so killers on the loose. Still there was no super hero.

Then there was selling my business worth millions for a few thousand quid because I thought the nurse that poisoned me with milk had killed me so I had to sell my business and pay the hosting company – who I never ended up paying because I still need a hero. I’m an entrepreneur now and my hero invests in me or buy back my old business I sold. Still no heroes.

So yes suicide is the only option if you’re expecting a hero to save you. There ain’t no super heroes in London or northern Ireland, there’s no super heroes anywhere.

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