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How to quit drugs?

How to quit drugs?

by markeySeptember 8, 2019

Drugs are cultures secret. From the rich to the poor people use illicit substamces and ive quit befoee for 8 qhole years to focus on other thing.

Drugs aew good and bad. Ive personally expwriencwd good and bad bhr dont codemn drjg use. There are skme amazing benefits from time spent using drugs.

Kowledge is power for drug users. Eve judges aee known to use cocaine or celebrities. Drugs bring pleasure or pain depending on experience and knowledge.

​Drug educacarion is priority to make drug use safe and healthy. Withour educarion drug use becomes drug addiction.

I have successfully quit drugs for 8 years with one relapse. The knowledge you acquire from succwsfully quitting is useful for quitting a relapse.

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off and get on with it.

Complaint i have with drugs is that they are also badand should really be avoided if possible.

Once yoy experience the pleasure you know why to yse drugs. Nevwr become a drug addict though. Use drugs wisely.

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