How to keep peace with yourself

Keeping peace with yourself can be hard. It can be like finding the needle in the haystack if you’re not careful. It can also lead to major mental health problems trying to find your way to peace. Finding your way towards peace can involve tactics and getting your priority tactics in place is the best thing you can do if you’re struggling to have peace in your life. The following information is to show you ways to keep peace with yourself.

  1. Breathing the keep peace way

Breathing is an essential part of daily life. When we breathe in different ways and patterns we can create peace within ourselves, this way of breathing was taught to me by my watch. On my watch it has a breathing exercise. You breathe in for four seconds, exhale for 3, hold and repeat. That is:

  • Breathe in for four seconds,
  • Exhale for three,
  • Hold for a random time and repeat,
  • Feel at peace after a number of repeats.

This way of breathing exercises authority over the amount of breathing you are doing and will help to regulate the body. It is not pumping much oxygen around the body but you will find you breathe in a whole lot more air than regular breathing.

  1. 40 deep breaths

Thanks to TIm Han of Success Insider I learned about taking 40 deep breaths in order to motivate myself. Being motivated is part of being at peace with yourself. If you’re at peace with yourself you can learn the 40 deep breaths method, you do them strong and fast. What you do is you take 40 count for breaths and breathe heavily and fast. When you do this, you send oxygen flowing around your body and you feel a sense of peace whenever you are done. The steps are as follows:

  • Take a 40 deep and fast breath count,
  • Breathe heavily and fast for 40 times,
  • Feel the peace it gives you.

When you breathe like this you will send a wave of emotions through your body and by the time you get to 40 you will feel a sense of peace with yourself. It works every time unlike some breathing exercises that fail to do anything for you.

  1. EFT tapping

EFT tapping is a logical approach to instilling peace within yourself by giving yourself positive affirmations and tapping them into you. What it involves is tapping on your face down to your chest. You tap your temples, then under your eyes, then your cheeks, then your chin and then your shoulders and finally your chest. Pick an affirmation e.g. I am worthy or I will work hard today and get tapping.

  • Find an affirmation you wish to instill in yourself such as “I will be at peace today.”
  • Tap gently on your temples and repeat the affirmation five times,
  • Tap on your eyebrows and repeat the affirmation,
  • Tap under your eyes and repeat the affirmation,
  • Tap your cheeks and repeat,
  • Tap above your mouth and repeat,
  • Tap your chin and repeat,
  • Tap your shoulders and repeat,
  • Finally tap your chest and repeat.

You can repeat the whole cycle as many times as it takes to instill the peace of mind within you. Once you have instilled the peace of mind you can return to the exercise as many times as you want. You can use this exercise for any affirmations you have, especially for peacefulness. Once you are affirmative, peace of mind is natural.

  1. Watch positive motivating videos

There’s nothing like visual stimulation when it comes to looking for peace within yourself. Auditory and visual practices that stimulate you are helpful in stimulating the senses to be peaceful with you. Your senses are continually drawing either peace or disruption into your life. Whenever you stimulate your senses with positive motivating videos or audio you can achieve a better day ahead, it will be a motivator to be at peace with your day ahead.

Conclusion and Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve learned some ways to keep peace with yourself I am hoping that you have a peaceful day ahead, and whenever you feel like you are at unease with yourself return to these practices to restore peace in your life. This morning-  just before writing this for you – I did some ‘breathing the keep peace way’ as I felt I needed to be totally at peace rather than motivated. Considering the topic was peacefulness I avoided the other options. Being totally at peace with yourself is the same as being motivated but different tactics are useful for different situations. If you have any ideas, please hit the contact button and tell me about them.

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