How to feel good

Notice that you don’t feel good, find a way to feel good. Today’s that day.

Negative thinking is the number one cause of not feeling good. Remember that! It’s a matter of not feeling good or feeling very good and how you will obtain your ability to feel good.

I have tactics for that – feeling good, from the number one rule, to music, to anchoring states of mind I’m gonna explain how to feel good.

Learn amazing techniques for feeling good. Starting with rule number one.

  1. Rule numero Uno

Don’t let negative thinking ruin the experience, even sick people don’t have negative thinking. Forget negative thinking? You’re unlikely to do that until you decide to and know how to . Which is something we need to take seriously. Before we venture a state of madness again.

Madness may help you identify how to feel good, especially if you research it.

To feel good – you need you to experience the reality that negative thinking could lead to all sorts of problems you can fix by getting away from it. You can’t fix everything but you can fix negative thinking.

People who don’t feel good have negative thinking patterns, they talk about negative things and it burdens them. Yes all these negative thoughts are making a burden upon you, you become completely burdened by your negative thoughts.

Say for example you are a cancer patient, the struggle is real, but negative thinking will make it worse. There’s no way that negative physical and mental well-being isn’t sad for you and those close to you. So don’t allow negative thinking to ruin your life or the lives of others.

This is only the number one rule. It isn’t the be all and end all. You might need some tactics which are explained in this article.

  1. Anchor a state of mind

It’s a state of mind life, whatever you’re going through if your state of mind is right you can do it. Smile now hurt later, let anchoring a state of mind hurry you along out of negative thinking. Now think of a time you were really happy and smiling, smile and anchor that state of mind.

How you do this is press your finger on your thumb like the picture below and anchor a state of mind to it.

The smiling state of mind, anchor a smile. You can anchor anything you want but you really want to anchor a smile. That’s all it takes to change your mind about something that’s annoying you. Having this anchor will really help you in life, it is one of the greatest tactics for taking your mind off the unhappiness and on to a more positive mindset.

This tactic is taken from NLP which is something you should definitely read a book on.

  1. Learn NLP from a book

Considering I have just explained an anchoring technique that comes from NLP I must advise that you learn NLP as soon as possible, it’s the current way of life, to learn the tactics to get through bad times.

  1. Hire a hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy is like guided meditation, they will take you through a program of things to do to feel good. They can help people quit smoking, follow a diet and much more.

Hypnotherapy can change anyone’s mind about anything as long as you follow what they say. Following a hypnotherapist ways will definitely arrange your life in a way that makes sense to you. Hypnotherapy is very good for all sorts of problems.

They have fixed so many people’s problems it’s undeniable that they are great at doing the supposedly impossible. Yes they make impossible possible. Definitely consider hypnotherapy.

  1. Try getting medicated

I hate medicine, with a passion but I still would advise that you are able to consider becoming medicated, sometimes it’s the only way to fix problems, for some people medication is what they need to feel good.

Medicine has been around since the ancients, even they medicated themselves to feel good.

Some medications may cause adverse side effects, this is why I hate medication with a passion, however some people really need their mediation so I’m not going to rule out medication as an option for you.

Things like diazepam, which I hope you’ve heard of; are used to tranqualise people so they can get out there and do something even if they are still negative thinking.

Negative thinking can be fixed with medications such as diazepam, I use diazepam sparingly to tranqualise myself because of the current pandemic, I feel that I’m lost and without purpose so I really need to tranqualise myself, I’m also suffering social anxiety and without knowing the diazepam is there, I worry all day about my social anxiety.

So yeah, don’t rule out medication, it’s been around since the beginning of time.

  1. Listen to positive music

Don’t listen to sad music if you want to feel good. Listening to negative music will make you feel unwell. The negative thoughts you will get from negative music will also quickly lead to awful feelings of despair and whatnot.

Sometimes it’s hard, but I’m here for you too. I will speak to you directly via my contact form about music and share some music with you that will uplift you and give you a possibility to escape negative thinking. Like a saviour you should contact me and I will share a list of songs with you that are worth getting out of negative thinking.

The songs will come with an explanation for why they are helpful songs; to feel good.

  1. Remember life is hard

You think you have it easy? Some people can’t even afford to get onto the internet. So thank yourself lucky you’re able to read what I’ve written and even contact me about your problems as I’m good at helping people uplift themselves and feel good about themselves.

Sometimes you will still not feel good after reading what I’m sharing with you. This is a problem because life is hard because of negative thinking. It’s not the physical part most of the time it’s how the mind reacts to what is happening to you.

Just always remember that life is hard for everyone but those that have tactics to get out of negative thinking are very good at life. Some people never get negative thoughts, some people do bad things because of negative thoughts.

Feeling good is in the mind not in the body. If your body is sick you can still feel good if the mind is okay.

Think that your situation could be worse, for example, not even having internet to read this.

  1. Get rid of negative thoughts

This whole article focuses on tactics to get rid of negative thoughts but you must be reminded that the idea is to rid your mind of negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are the worst problem on this planet. People with negative thoughts can’t do anything positive for themselves or others. All they can do is put a negative spin on everything.

When Kim Jong Un was threatening America I was scared, my negative thinking went spiralling out of control, it couldn’t be stopped. I was like either fire the missile or don’t, just don’t put me through all this negative thinking. Yes they are trying to start world war 3 which shouldn’t happen in respect of all the men, women and children that already lost their lives to war already.

We will remember them.

  1. Learn the art of prayer

You can pray to anyone you want. You don’t have to pray to God. Prayer is a tactic for ridding your mind of negative thoughts and who knows, your prayer might be answered.

I have a friend called jay who lives on barely nothing than the art of prayer. Maybe my friendship helps him a little as I’m a charitable project coordinator.

He literally survives on prayer, his Facebook posts are always positive because he has faith. Faith can be good for you, you’re probably expected to have faith nowadays since the spread of religion is worldwide you are probably expected to have faith.

Faith is good for the mind. You have faith that your problems will be solved. I’m not religious, I’ve been an atheist a since I was 18 years old. Darren Brown, a TV celebrity magician and mind bender introduced me to atheism and I’ve been an atheist ever since but I still have faith there might be a God. I’m an agnostic atheist.

Learning the art of prayer and how it works is that it gives you a positive spin on negative things. You can pray to Buddah, Allah, the Sikh Gods, angels. Any deity you want; if you learn the art of prayer you can take negative thinking and turn it positive.

  1. Meditate

I’m in the middle of making a meditation which can be downloaded here. It’s a secret garden and cleansing meditation one that is very powerful and should be shared all around the world. You will meet your idols in your secret garden.

Meditation is like a Buddhist way of prayer, some people’s meditations are very vivid and real for them. If you’re one of those people you’re very lucky.

To have a vivid meditation is a very good way of feeling good. Especially cleansing and idol worship. Find idols on your secret garden with my meditation I have created for you.

Concluding and wrapping up

Those are 8 very powerful tactics for feeling good. Once you learn them all you will definitely be able to get rid of negative thoughts. I have reiterated throughout this article that negative thinking ruins lives and can even lead to mental breadowns. Please consider reading the whole article and learn what is inside it. The tactics are very powerful.

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