Gods robots the war whale (the possessed robot rich)

Have you ever wondered why there is war and poverty? God controls the government as robots against poor people. He never possessed them to give enough to the poor.

Gods possessed robot government

He makes then pro war. He always has a whales mouth, he disobeys the poor by making the rich robots.

They’re possessed by god and his angels. His robot empire leaving people eating out of the bin.

Everyone had a bank account, billions without a penny in it.

He’s too busy making money out of nowhere to control the military for war.

A basic income of $5000 per month, only for his robot rich. He makes money out of nowhere for his military, all for his world war 3.

They are possessed robots, all he had to do was give everyone a basic salary of $5000 per month but no he spends trillions on world war 3.

They’re possessed robots to ensure the poor eat from the bin and the rich eat from the vine.

He possessed the government for centuries and never gave a basic salary to everyone.

What a twat that hasn’t got a clue what he’s in for. When you’re dead and gone he will be lost without you.

The possessed rich owe us all $5000 per month basic salary.

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