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January 27, 2020

A suicidal note taken too far?

I’ve decided with indefinite decision that I want to end my life. I have faded into the background of everything i ever used to enjoy and my anxiety is killing me for it. There is absolutely zero enjoyment to life at the moment and before anyone says it’s a sin, god is a sin himself. There’s no sin going to stop me ending my suffering. I know how to hang myself and it doesn’t even Hurt and I’m so ready to go.

To the people that care. I’m sorry I have to go this way but my own mother doesn’t even speak to me. What life is this to live. This suicidal note is real and not intended to hurt anyone. It’s just here as an end to a [...]

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January 12, 2020

A poem for ‘someone called Joe’

Some of us called Joe so there’s a poem for someone called Joe. Written by Mark Rafferty. Enjoy.

So there was a man called Joe. Who went down the garden with a hoe. To set things straight. For the garden’s fate.

Joe loved his garden. To live for the pardon. Of any man. Who feared another man.

He ventured forth. Into lands unknown. So he wouldn’t be fourth. In any race he was known.

He put ideals before the test. And set the twix. To pick up some sticks. So he could be the best.

On his travels he found a wife. To love him on his strife. For his duty to man. Standing in his garden as a fan.

A poem about [...]
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January 9, 2020

How to say I love you in mandarin (Chinese)

Oh I do love to be by the seaside, says Hong Kong. Oh I do love thee; China says me. Oh I do wo Áine love you so much China. I’m teaching the world how to say I love you in Chinese. (Wo Áine.)

How to say I love you in Chinese Mandarin
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January 5, 2020

Edinburgh as a starting point for backpacking trip around Europe and afar

Edinburgh is in my heart from its Scottish roots to its endeavours to creating some of the world’s best sports, including basketball. You wouldn’t guess Scotland created that but they also created Edinburgh. Edinburgh is quite large with a central focus on a royal mile leading up to Edinburgh castle.

The population of Edinburgh is 482,005 so you’re going to have a fair mixture of culture already there but your backpacking hostel is going to provide you the best mixture of culture from my experience. What you want to do is capture as much culture as possible in the beginning of your backpacking trips as this is the important forwardness you need for [...]

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