Secret Garden Meditation

Secret Garden Meditation

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You better start hoping

Hoping for a sunshiny day, hoping for a pot of gold, hoping you can win the fight. You better start hoping.

I’ve heard this growing up. They said it to me as if I was able to lose all hope.

Until one day I did.

That day was the day I found out how easy it is to give up hope in situations most of us would find too dark to cope with.

From darkness to light.

There is often hope for those who are the survivors, our glorious dead whose hope was fully taken, and those of us who teach others how to obtain a better state of mind.

From the madness entails either a genius or something more like lunacy. Madness is part of hope.

If we wiped hope of the face of the planet, nobody would be great anymore but we’d still have wants and needs, just zero hope.

Hopelessness is known as the number one cause for depression and is also an illness that is linked to suffering physically and mentally.

Whatever it is, you can be sure when someone says you better start hoping it’s either your mom or trouble ahead.

Origin of ‘You better start hoping ‘

  • Mothers – many mothers say you better start hoping to their children. It means business to a mother the hope their children have.
  • Historical society – historically you better start hoping could be said in the most sinister if situations.
  • Modern society – nowadays it’s usually a more neutral threat than sinister.
  • Urban dictionary language – there are many variations for explaining this on urban dictionary.

How to start hoping

When someone says you better start hoping you’ve activated a state of alarm within them unless they’re joking.

Obtaining hope is that of a sound mind and hoping for a future. You can’t let go of all hope.

Feeling good about yourself and keeping busy while at peace will inevitably restore your hope.

In the articles linked they are concerning learning ideas for restoring calm and virtues to be on track.

If you can’t say it back

If someone says this to you and you can’t say it back you are less virtuous than they are.

With virtue they are more advanced than you in their virtuous choice of words.

If you can’t say it back then you better start hoping.

Putin – The King’s Head Defiant of History’s methods for averting war. He already demolished Allepo, now he’s on for head on a plate?

Ancients used to reset debts and alleviate poverty to solve the problem of war. They would often try to come together to avoid all out conflict. Putin showed none of these efforts as such failing to even lead as well as ancient civilization. They would see it as a time to come together and collaborate before choosing war. Putin is a despot not a leader.

Putin didn’t even do anything that resembles what they would have done. If there was no agreement they would loot kingdoms and severely cripple their armies, not bomb civilians.

Putin had the whole world to set an example to and he started a bloody war instead. A war that he can’t win because it’s turned on his head.

In a world full of skilled veterans Putin is another one that pulled the plug on a war to end all wars. He’s a savage beast in comparison to zelensky, and to many nations shame on everyone who has involved themselves with forgetting how eloquently history used to resolve war and how all war heroes, one way or another want to end all war whether they use war to do it or not. Nobody has analysed Putin’s term as a leader, did his country people thrive, would he even be worthy accepting command from? It’s actually not as if Ukraine were any sort of an immediate threat.

Putin is not a leader and by the example set by most of the world – they are not leaders, they drag us through hell and try to get us back out again. Currently Putin would be a shame to an historic world that he didn’t yield any useful strategic plan for avoiding any war. He also had already wiped out Allepo and for that, now his situation involves his expenditure of his 500,000 strong army. He’s that much of a fool he has lost so many men trying to grab land and kill anyone who doesn’t agree, all the while he blew it to pieces like he did in Allepo. If anyone knew how much trouble Putin is in from this they would actually address what he did in Allepo too and remember how clear he is about giving death and destruction to people, his battlefield strewn with the innocent civilians blood. As himself not such a holy man, conquering a holy Allepo should have been too far, everyone should want to keep holy land free from such despots killing everyone.

According to my knowledge without any research allepo contains some of the historical oldest civilization known to us. Putin you’re an absolute disgrace to the KGB and the people of Russia fighting for a better future. To go and completely annihilate an enemy without refering to our historic successes in making other plans for war – like homes for your poorest communities Putin.


They also would loot kingdoms causing destruction. But Putin as a leader I give you -1.

The best leaders in the world always come from where kings and queens have reigned. The UK having the best system in the world that needed someone like Putin to call for a plan of action like they did historically, delivered by horseback then though.

Putin has crippled himself and currently can barely even walk, you can tell a sorely defeated Putin (after he pummels through his entire army to defeat the purpose of leadership) is now suffering physical illness from his acts. Yet he forgot that if was modelling history they did their best to avert war and too many fought the great war hoping for an end to war.

The great war tried histories methods of having a plan signed sealed and delivered. They would pay soldiers to use their talents and skills, and even reset debts between kingdoms especially if war was brewing. Of course it didn’t always work but Putin calls himself a leader and he can’t even process how much trouble he has caused for the whole world.

The Allepo situation is now in Ukraine and is gaining traction because there is no language barriers and as many political barriers as Aleppo.

Putin has mocked the whole world, slowly losing grip on life because of his age he demands men a third his age go out and fight a heavily armed army.

He’s losing a lot of his 500,000 strong army and it’s not enough because he’s deep in trouble for he is the king and military strategy always will eventually go for the kings head – his opposers probably opting for that.

As he went for zelensky head and failed he would achieve a lot less than what Ukraine will achieve if they were to conquer and slay Putin like they do at war – examples being when they got Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Gadaffi. Historically if it came to war, it did but unlike Putin’s effort there would be real leadership making demands in aversion of war.

History would have had real leaders that knew how to turn a war into an advantage for humanity but by averting it as when it wasn’t averted it was considered a loss. Putin isn’t considering his loss and that he is or has become the king’s head. On his head be it, his horrendous effort at leadership. At war there is the king’s head whether it be on his head or not. Many wars play to the same tune.

Would you let God intervene if he did?

An ethical article,

To explain beyond reason why or why you wouldn’t let God intervene.

What the heck heckler of the world? The most interesting topics sometimes come from God and philosophy and psychology and ethics. The ethical article within me takes the supreme being into question about the reality of intervening and seeing what happens. Like in the Good Place TV program where an actor Micheal designs an after-life for an acting team, by being an architect and placing himself among them. Could it make earth a good place? Can you get rid of badness? The TV show is something you should watch if you want to learn the picture behind the idea I am blogging about today.

Letting God intervene is something we first have to blend the obvious with the more critical details. 

  • What would he do if he intervened, would humanity rebel against it?
  • If he intervened would it become all good and would there be any bad?

Think of some logical approaches too, “why not?”. Some might say, but let’s list the for and against and show you the ethical data we have on what might make it all good or all evil, and if God is the requirement or not.

Before even researching the everything and anything of the ethical dilemma, there is if humans would rebel against God or let him intervene. We would have to play the laws of physics for psychic input such as dreams, visions etc as explained by God in his religions. 

Here is the for and against from research that we would need to vote for it or something. Whatever it is between humanity and God he has said that there will be visions and dreams. Without taking the religious responses into mind, let’s delve into a bit of research and the non-religious arguments for letting God intervene or not?

Let’s break-down the For and against arguments. Add your own? (add as necessary), add as necessary using my contact form.

  1. Well being

Some might say we need to be fit and healthy. What does God think. Do you think we should inherit the Kingdom of God whether it’s all good or all evil? Our philosophical, psychological, and physical ethics come into question. Would you still let God intervene even thought there has been so many physical, psychological and philosophical questions about our health, wellbeing and fitness.

We would argue the for and against for both health and fitness. Maybe some people like feeling sick or ill, we never know if the for and against – when it’s for – we need to face the reality that some people must therefore like being sick, unfit and unhealthy. 

  1. Happiness and Satisfaction

Are you happy and satisfied? With gaping questions if God even exists except from speculative experiences of some people. We need to reiterate that people either love depression, or they have found satisfaction in a non-happiness dilemma. If we don’t like being unhappy and unsatisfied then would it be ok to let God intervene and either make it worse or better. We are kinda covering the opposite in the wrong part of my blog but it’s ok to reveal something that’s against the idea we like to be unhappy.

  1. Ethics

What are the majority of ethics expecting in the future, what data suggests that we should take an ethical approach to letting God intervene. As interesting as it is to think of this idea, we need to also see the superficial side of life that we didn’t choose to be created but have an ethical approach to life that is unique in every being. As the supreme being surely you should have made it all good and what way are we going to react whenever you intervene, causing our unique internal ethics to be crucially acceptable for an intervention. Would it actually be crucial or detrimental to our lives?

  1. Religion and Education

We aren’t focusing on religious reasons or educational reasons. As we base our argument on the fact of having zero knowledge about life. Then religion and education are not the basis for our argument bur rather assuming no knowledge. Alternatively we can think that we are going to assume knowledge is involved then it would also include religious questions. And thus including the religious equation.

  1. Quality of life

If there was an intervention that wasn’t rebelled against and happened, would it be about quality of life or having god in your life. Whatever way we look at it, nobody can prove God’s existence it’s up to us to decide if we believe or not, or those that have had experiences. We can think about the cleverly disguised quality of life that is subjected to questionable ethical expected quality of life.

Conclusion and Wrapping Up

Covering just six add your own? ethical questions about letting God intervene, from our wellbeing to our quality of life, we have designated the tough topic of God and an intervention. Nobody knows what would happen, would we have to vote? The conclusion first seeks belief in God and that he can intervene and whether or not you are for or against him intervening. We assume no knowledge as in our theory behind this intervention, we might prefer no intervention or an intervention that could make things better or worse or somewhere in between.

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    How to buy the right earphones

    How to buy the right earphones

    I believe if you start with a budget you’ll end up less poor than you need to be and one great product up. There is a thing about choosing the right earphones that resonates today with telling you how not to get poor. Set a budget!

    1. Setting a Budget

    Setting a budget revolves around your lifestyle that you can afford. Set your budget for your earphones to comply with the financial side of life.

    1. Type of earphones

    If you’re looking for sport earphones or cosy ones you would choose directly with the supplier to get your earphones as the right type. Read or enquire about the product specifications and make the type known by the product specification. 

    1. Read frequently asked questions

    Reqading frequently asked questions about a product helps you identify current questions and answers about a product. Check with the latest FAQs and general FAQs.

    1. Sound quality of earphones

    If you’re not buying a new product you will be buying from something that has customer reviews about the sound quality. You will also be able to check the technologies used to see what sound quality you can expect. You can bet sound quality will be important!

    1. Value for money

    Hear your triumphant roar when you get a bargain. A bargain that you have the choice to snap up today. If you’re out to buy today then we need to look at the specifics.

    1. Durability

    The durability and usage time is something to look out for, you don’t want to have constantly damaged earphones.

    Conclusion and wrapping up.

    These are six general things to look at when buying earphones. If you get a good set of earphones make sure to tell us in a review via our contact form. Buying the earphones for you is subjection al to everything you know about earphones. Use the above guide for things to think about when buying earphones.

    Check out the best earphones on

    How to keep peace with yourself

    Keeping peace with yourself can be hard. It can be like finding the needle in the haystack if you’re not careful. It can also lead to major mental health problems trying to find your way to peace. Finding your way towards peace can involve tactics and getting your priority tactics in place is the best thing you can do if you’re struggling to have peace in your life. The following information is to show you ways to keep peace with yourself.

    1. Breathing the keep peace way

    Breathing is an essential part of daily life. When we breathe in different ways and patterns we can create peace within ourselves, this way of breathing was taught to me by my watch. On my watch it has a breathing exercise. You breathe in for four seconds, exhale for 3, hold and repeat. That is:

    • Breathe in for four seconds,
    • Exhale for three,
    • Hold for a random time and repeat,
    • Feel at peace after a number of repeats.

    This way of breathing exercises authority over the amount of breathing you are doing and will help to regulate the body. It is not pumping much oxygen around the body but you will find you breathe in a whole lot more air than regular breathing.

    1. 40 deep breaths

    Thanks to TIm Han of Success Insider I learned about taking 40 deep breaths in order to motivate myself. Being motivated is part of being at peace with yourself. If you’re at peace with yourself you can learn the 40 deep breaths method, you do them strong and fast. What you do is you take 40 count for breaths and breathe heavily and fast. When you do this, you send oxygen flowing around your body and you feel a sense of peace whenever you are done. The steps are as follows:

    • Take a 40 deep and fast breath count,
    • Breathe heavily and fast for 40 times,
    • Feel the peace it gives you.

    When you breathe like this you will send a wave of emotions through your body and by the time you get to 40 you will feel a sense of peace with yourself. It works every time unlike some breathing exercises that fail to do anything for you.

    1. EFT tapping

    EFT tapping is a logical approach to instilling peace within yourself by giving yourself positive affirmations and tapping them into you. What it involves is tapping on your face down to your chest. You tap your temples, then under your eyes, then your cheeks, then your chin and then your shoulders and finally your chest. Pick an affirmation e.g. I am worthy or I will work hard today and get tapping.

    • Find an affirmation you wish to instill in yourself such as “I will be at peace today.”
    • Tap gently on your temples and repeat the affirmation five times,
    • Tap on your eyebrows and repeat the affirmation,
    • Tap under your eyes and repeat the affirmation,
    • Tap your cheeks and repeat,
    • Tap above your mouth and repeat,
    • Tap your chin and repeat,
    • Tap your shoulders and repeat,
    • Finally tap your chest and repeat.

    You can repeat the whole cycle as many times as it takes to instill the peace of mind within you. Once you have instilled the peace of mind you can return to the exercise as many times as you want. You can use this exercise for any affirmations you have, especially for peacefulness. Once you are affirmative, peace of mind is natural.

    1. Watch positive motivating videos

    There’s nothing like visual stimulation when it comes to looking for peace within yourself. Auditory and visual practices that stimulate you are helpful in stimulating the senses to be peaceful with you. Your senses are continually drawing either peace or disruption into your life. Whenever you stimulate your senses with positive motivating videos or audio you can achieve a better day ahead, it will be a motivator to be at peace with your day ahead.

    Conclusion and Wrapping Up

    Now that you’ve learned some ways to keep peace with yourself I am hoping that you have a peaceful day ahead, and whenever you feel like you are at unease with yourself return to these practices to restore peace in your life. This morning-  just before writing this for you – I did some ‘breathing the keep peace way’ as I felt I needed to be totally at peace rather than motivated. Considering the topic was peacefulness I avoided the other options. Being totally at peace with yourself is the same as being motivated but different tactics are useful for different situations. If you have any ideas, please hit the contact button and tell me about them.

    How to feel good

    Notice that you don’t feel good, find a way to feel good. Today’s that day.

    Negative thinking is the number one cause of not feeling good. Remember that! It’s a matter of not feeling good or feeling very good and how you will obtain your ability to feel good.

    I have tactics for that – feeling good, from the number one rule, to music, to anchoring states of mind I’m gonna explain how to feel good.

    Learn amazing techniques for feeling good. Starting with rule number one.

    1. Rule numero Uno

    Don’t let negative thinking ruin the experience, even sick people don’t have negative thinking. Forget negative thinking? You’re unlikely to do that until you decide to and know how to . Which is something we need to take seriously. Before we venture a state of madness again.

    Madness may help you identify how to feel good, especially if you research it.

    To feel good – you need you to experience the reality that negative thinking could lead to all sorts of problems you can fix by getting away from it. You can’t fix everything but you can fix negative thinking.

    People who don’t feel good have negative thinking patterns, they talk about negative things and it burdens them. Yes all these negative thoughts are making a burden upon you, you become completely burdened by your negative thoughts.

    Say for example you are a cancer patient, the struggle is real, but negative thinking will make it worse. There’s no way that negative physical and mental well-being isn’t sad for you and those close to you. So don’t allow negative thinking to ruin your life or the lives of others.

    This is only the number one rule. It isn’t the be all and end all. You might need some tactics which are explained in this article.

    1. Anchor a state of mind

    It’s a state of mind life, whatever you’re going through if your state of mind is right you can do it. Smile now hurt later, let anchoring a state of mind hurry you along out of negative thinking. Now think of a time you were really happy and smiling, smile and anchor that state of mind.

    How you do this is press your finger on your thumb like the picture below and anchor a state of mind to it.

    The smiling state of mind, anchor a smile. You can anchor anything you want but you really want to anchor a smile. That’s all it takes to change your mind about something that’s annoying you. Having this anchor will really help you in life, it is one of the greatest tactics for taking your mind off the unhappiness and on to a more positive mindset.

    This tactic is taken from NLP which is something you should definitely read a book on.

    1. Learn NLP from a book

    Considering I have just explained an anchoring technique that comes from NLP I must advise that you learn NLP as soon as possible, it’s the current way of life, to learn the tactics to get through bad times.

    1. Hire a hypnotherapist

    Hypnotherapy is like guided meditation, they will take you through a program of things to do to feel good. They can help people quit smoking, follow a diet and much more.

    Hypnotherapy can change anyone’s mind about anything as long as you follow what they say. Following a hypnotherapist ways will definitely arrange your life in a way that makes sense to you. Hypnotherapy is very good for all sorts of problems.

    They have fixed so many people’s problems it’s undeniable that they are great at doing the supposedly impossible. Yes they make impossible possible. Definitely consider hypnotherapy.

    1. Try getting medicated

    I hate medicine, with a passion but I still would advise that you are able to consider becoming medicated, sometimes it’s the only way to fix problems, for some people medication is what they need to feel good.

    Medicine has been around since the ancients, even they medicated themselves to feel good.

    Some medications may cause adverse side effects, this is why I hate medication with a passion, however some people really need their mediation so I’m not going to rule out medication as an option for you.

    Things like diazepam, which I hope you’ve heard of; are used to tranqualise people so they can get out there and do something even if they are still negative thinking.

    Negative thinking can be fixed with medications such as diazepam, I use diazepam sparingly to tranqualise myself because of the current pandemic, I feel that I’m lost and without purpose so I really need to tranqualise myself, I’m also suffering social anxiety and without knowing the diazepam is there, I worry all day about my social anxiety.

    So yeah, don’t rule out medication, it’s been around since the beginning of time.

    1. Listen to positive music

    Don’t listen to sad music if you want to feel good. Listening to negative music will make you feel unwell. The negative thoughts you will get from negative music will also quickly lead to awful feelings of despair and whatnot.

    Sometimes it’s hard, but I’m here for you too. I will speak to you directly via my contact form about music and share some music with you that will uplift you and give you a possibility to escape negative thinking. Like a saviour you should contact me and I will share a list of songs with you that are worth getting out of negative thinking.

    The songs will come with an explanation for why they are helpful songs; to feel good.

    1. Remember life is hard

    You think you have it easy? Some people can’t even afford to get onto the internet. So thank yourself lucky you’re able to read what I’ve written and even contact me about your problems as I’m good at helping people uplift themselves and feel good about themselves.

    Sometimes you will still not feel good after reading what I’m sharing with you. This is a problem because life is hard because of negative thinking. It’s not the physical part most of the time it’s how the mind reacts to what is happening to you.

    Just always remember that life is hard for everyone but those that have tactics to get out of negative thinking are very good at life. Some people never get negative thoughts, some people do bad things because of negative thoughts.

    Feeling good is in the mind not in the body. If your body is sick you can still feel good if the mind is okay.

    Think that your situation could be worse, for example, not even having internet to read this.

    1. Get rid of negative thoughts

    This whole article focuses on tactics to get rid of negative thoughts but you must be reminded that the idea is to rid your mind of negative thoughts.

    Negative thoughts are the worst problem on this planet. People with negative thoughts can’t do anything positive for themselves or others. All they can do is put a negative spin on everything.

    When Kim Jong Un was threatening America I was scared, my negative thinking went spiralling out of control, it couldn’t be stopped. I was like either fire the missile or don’t, just don’t put me through all this negative thinking. Yes they are trying to start world war 3 which shouldn’t happen in respect of all the men, women and children that already lost their lives to war already.

    We will remember them.

    1. Learn the art of prayer

    You can pray to anyone you want. You don’t have to pray to God. Prayer is a tactic for ridding your mind of negative thoughts and who knows, your prayer might be answered.

    I have a friend called jay who lives on barely nothing than the art of prayer. Maybe my friendship helps him a little as I’m a charitable project coordinator.

    He literally survives on prayer, his Facebook posts are always positive because he has faith. Faith can be good for you, you’re probably expected to have faith nowadays since the spread of religion is worldwide you are probably expected to have faith.

    Faith is good for the mind. You have faith that your problems will be solved. I’m not religious, I’ve been an atheist a since I was 18 years old. Darren Brown, a TV celebrity magician and mind bender introduced me to atheism and I’ve been an atheist ever since but I still have faith there might be a God. I’m an agnostic atheist.

    Learning the art of prayer and how it works is that it gives you a positive spin on negative things. You can pray to Buddah, Allah, the Sikh Gods, angels. Any deity you want; if you learn the art of prayer you can take negative thinking and turn it positive.

    1. Meditate

    I’m in the middle of making a meditation which can be downloaded here. It’s a secret garden and cleansing meditation one that is very powerful and should be shared all around the world. You will meet your idols in your secret garden.

    Meditation is like a Buddhist way of prayer, some people’s meditations are very vivid and real for them. If you’re one of those people you’re very lucky.

    To have a vivid meditation is a very good way of feeling good. Especially cleansing and idol worship. Find idols on your secret garden with my meditation I have created for you.

    Concluding and wrapping up

    Those are 8 very powerful tactics for feeling good. Once you learn them all you will definitely be able to get rid of negative thoughts. I have reiterated throughout this article that negative thinking ruins lives and can even lead to mental breadowns. Please consider reading the whole article and learn what is inside it. The tactics are very powerful.