Author: Mark Rafferty

Gods robots the war whale (the possessed robot rich)

Have you ever wondered why there is war and poverty? God controls the government as robots against poor people. He never possessed them to give enough to the poor. He makes then pro war. He always has a whales mouth, he disobeys the poor by making the rich robots. They’re possessed by god and his […]

Putin – The King’s Head Defiant of History’s methods for averting war. He already demolished Allepo, now he’s on for head on a plate?

Ancients used to reset debts and alleviate poverty to solve the problem of war. They would often try to come together to avoid all out conflict. Putin showed none of these efforts as such failing to even lead as well as ancient civilization. They would see it as a time to come together and collaborate […]

Would you let God intervene if he did?

An ethical article, To explain beyond reason why or why you wouldn’t let God intervene. What the heck heckler of the world? The most interesting topics sometimes come from God and philosophy and psychology and ethics. The ethical article within me takes the supreme being into question about the reality of intervening and seeing what […]

Calendar – Book an appointment

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Secret Garden Meditation

Secret Garden Meditation Version 1 0.0.0 Contact me here to download the secret garden meditation. You will receive a private link to download the meditation. The secret garden meditation is here starting 2022. It is a meditation for cleansing, meeting your idols and relaxing. Different versions are released. There will be many variations to the […]