7 reasons to be ashamed of god

  1. War

All war is gods wrath, he’s just too evil to do anything else. His lions roar at the military and then he possesses the military to do war. Leaving people poorer and with less hope.

  1. Poverty

God had millions of years to solve poverty and he didn’t do it. He treats poor people like a piece of shit on his shoes.

  1. Famine

God never provided enough food for everyone, what a shame he didn’t. He could have but he didn’t do it.

  1. Jesus is dead and can’t come back

God promised Jesus would come back and make everything better. That isn’t possible because Jesus is dead.

  1. Extreme weather

You might blame mother nature but extreme weather is done by the Gods. They manipulate the weather to destroy humans good work.

  1. Pestilence

7 billion people praying for miracles and his pestilence is to never answer those prayers.

  1. Greed

Gods puppets – the rulers of the world – fill their pockets with taxpayers money and then they roar for war and suffering of the poor.

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