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September 9, 2019

Good news: Poland plan to DOUBLE minimum wage but..

Poland have a thriving offshore workforce and it’s about to be hit hard. Yes, I said good news and it is but not for Poland’s thriving offshore workforce market driven by Lower costs and a skilled society.Here we have potentially great news but probably not so great considering Poland’s thriving workforce for offshore development.What’s your thoughts?

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September 9, 2019

Norwegian bitcoin millionaire jumps off balcony during robbery

Here’s something society has not addressed, poverty causing the hardest working amongst to become targeted. A Norwegian bitcoin millionaire (£9m worth), has had to jump from his balcony after robbers demand he lay on the floor or they’d shoot. It’s not known yet whether the millionaire has sustained any injuries but it’s a terrible blow to our hard working society and the poverty driving problems like this needs to be tackled. Apart from the poverty it’s security’s call to create more defensive security systems at affordable prices to deter these criminals who have been driving security’s breakthroughs since personal security became [...]
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September 8, 2019

Boost energy drink, make a man happy for 49p

So while I got normaity back thanks to mum taking me home, I found i had little money to do things that make me happy. Though my regular happy thought was talking about boost energy drink and making a man happy for 49p. Yes boost is just 49p. And i actually think its better than red bull.

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September 8, 2019

How to quit drugs?

Drugs are cultures secret. From the rich to the poor people use illicit substamces and ive quit befoee for 8 qhole years to focus on other thing.

Drugs aew good and bad. Ive personally expwriencwd good and bad bhr dont codemn drjg use. There are skme amazing benefits from time spent using drugs.

Kowledge is power for drug users. Eve judges aee known to use cocaine or celebrities. Drugs bring pleasure or pain depending on experience and knowledge.

​Drug educacarion is priority to make drug use safe and healthy. Withour educarion drug use becomes drug addiction.

I have successfully quit drugs for 8 years with one relapse. The knowledge you [...]

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