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Happy while homeless because people are useless.

"Sir,,,your help is a big help for me and so important not only to me but also to my parents,,,sir I love you and it's ok if you don't help me"

​J, 24 Phillipines

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I'll be launching charitable projects til' the day I die..

Hi I am Mark Rafferty. A 31 year old who became homeless because of mental health problems affecting work life. I have gotten a bit better after 3 year's of treatment and now need heroes for helping poverty and homelessness all around the world. To help for free or paid donaters you just need to subscribe and interact on email and social media; to donate paid you will be instructed after you subscribe. You can buy me rent, utensils, clothes, sponsor me and more. This is how you help and get rewarded by seeing the result on my regularly updated facebook page. Not like giving to profit charities!
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Children are not the only needy on this planet. There are people in need. Every subscriber gives approximately $1 per month to the needy. This is People in Need. Markey has got their back, if you've got his back. Mark helps a variety of people and the network of people he helps is growing as his ability increases. Every subscriber to this website, blog and social media presence, increases Mark's reach.

"Sir,,,your help is a big help for me and so important not only to me but also to my parents,,,sir I love you and it's ok if you don't help me"

​J, 24 Phillipines

When you subscribe there are numerous ways that you will donate to the poor and needy. Mark earns commissions from advertisers and affiliate sales. This is treated as non-profit earnings whereby Mark's survival and staff costs are the only cash taken from the pot. all other cash is charitable pot and is used to help People in Need.


  1. Method 1: Mark publishes a blog on Product of the Day. 100 people purchase the product and Mark earns £400 from this blog post. Automatically at least 40% of this cash is made available to the People in Need on Mark's contact list. 
  2. Method 2: Each month Mark receives a payment from the advertisement earnings and at least 40% of this is automatically made available to the People in Need on Mark's list. Mark's reach grows over time through recommendations and Mark's personal research. He is a befriender as well as financial support to his People in Need.
  3. Method 3: Paid donations are received from £2 per month. 100% of paid donations are treated as giveaway cash and acccruement of cash then abides payment to People in Need. Sometimes people need a big amount or a small amount, people who need a small amount are served first and so forth.